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Stackable Pentagon Tulip Vase

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The title of the vase refers to the initials of Jan van der Vaart. By copying and thus studying many of his ceramic tulip towers Bas van Beek was able to create a new element. Jan van der Vaart used the circle, square and hexagon as a base for his designs. By applying the underlying design principles to a pentagon the oeuvre of Van der Vaart is expanded. This vase is a part of a future collection of 10 pieces. Every year a new element based on the pentagon is added, Not only completing the work of Van der Vaart but also transforming  the designs of H.P Berlage. Every element is also stackable on the other which enables the user to build their Pentagon city.

Green metallic copper glaze limited edition of 100.

Produced by Cor Unum Contemporary Ceramics and Art

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Weight 800 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 22 cm

White, Bronze, Green Metallic Copper